Intac was founded by Thomas Tibble, CPA, a Chapter 7 Panel Trustee in the Western District of Michigan. As our firm’s roots were founded in advising insolvency professionals, we know how the Bankruptcy and Receivership Courts and the Office of the U.S. Trustee operate, which gives us unparalleled knowledge into the services and you need and how to deliver them to you.


Personal service tailored to your insurance needs.


The convenience of regional services with the benefit of national reach.


Complete accounting services including payroll processing and Chapter 11.


A streamlined approach to commercial and contract Surety.

Insurance Services for Bankruptcy Case Assets

Intac offers property and casualty asset insurance solutions nationwide to insolvency professionals. Insurable assets include: residential, commercial and vacant land real estate; inventory and equipment; and vehicles.

Our policy terms are flexible as Intac understands the complexities of the insolvency markets. Policies may be canceled after the minimum coverage term to lower the expense to the estate. We can quote and bind coverage quickly and premium financing is available upon request.

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Intac has partnered with carriers and wholesalers that are A-rated (AM Best) national carriers. They are knowledgeable of the insolvency industry which makes doing business with us one less obstacle for the estate.

Why Insure Assets?
The 2012 edition of the Bankruptcy Trustee Handbook states:

“In those cases where the property appears to have value for the estate, the trustee must obtain control over the property, which may include changing the locks at the premises, hiring guards, etc.

The trustee also must immediately take all other steps which may be reasonably necessary to preserve the assets. It is not always sufficient to wait until after the meeting of creditors to take action to preserve assets. 11 U.S.C. 704.

With regard to insuring real and personal property (e.g., buildings and vehicles) that has value for the estate, the trustee must either determine that the property is insured by the debtor or obtain insurance for the estate. 11 U.S.C. 704. If insured by the debtor, the trustee shall request proof of insurance from the debtor and ensure that it is continued for the benefit of the estate. If the debtor does not have insurance, the property is encumbered, and there are no estate funds available, the trustee must contact the secured creditor immediately, so that the secured creditor can obtain insurance or otherwise protect its own interest in the property. The trustee may consider (a) an agreement with the secured creditor to fund the expense of insurance and provide proper safeguarding under 506(c); or (b) a court order allowing the trustee to insure or safeguard the property at the expense of the secured creditor pursuant to section 506(c).”

Regional Tax Services with a National Insolvency Reach.

As an insolvency tax firm, Intac has gained vast experience on complex tax issues by working with various debtors and industries. This gives you the advantage of our tax professionals’ expertise in bankruptcy tax code, and our confidence in meeting your compliance requirements for bankruptcy estate filings.

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Nationwide, Intact assists trustees with the following tax services:

  • Complex tax issues assistance
  • Responding to and assisting with IRS and state notices
  • Preparing and filing federal and state bankruptcy estate tax returns
  • Reviewing bankruptcy estate potential tax liability for the trustee prior to sale
  • Consulting 
  • Preparing and filing prompt federal and state determination letters in compliance with 11 U.S. Code § 505(b)
Accounting Services for Businesses in Chapter 7 or 11

Intac’s complete accounting services include handling the bankruptcy and trustee accounting functions for trustees and businesses in either Chapter 7 or 11, including payroll processing and Chapter 11 UST reports.

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In Chapter 7 cases, our bankruptcy trustee accounting services include:

  • Reviewing QuickBooks for preference recoveries and potential prior year refunds
  • Reviewing prior year’s financial statements  and preparing current statements
  • Providing payroll service 
    • Filing quarterly payroll reports
    • Year-end reports, including W2, 1099 and all other necessary reports
  • Checking tax returns for  potential refunds for the estate
  • Consulting

A business typically doesn’t “go bad” quickly, so we teach Trustees what to look for as they review a business’ history. Intac helps pinpoint when they became insolvent and, when the occasion arises, we also provide forensic fraud review.

In Chapter 11 cases, our services include:

  • 24/7 maintenance of the accounting software, including access for the Trustee
  • Complete payroll processing, including filing of payroll taxes
  • Managing cash flow
  • Managing accounts receivable collections and accounts payable processing
  • UST reporting

Overall, you get the advantage of working with experts in bankruptcy trustee accounting who share their knowledge and expertise with our insurance and tax departments. It’s how Intac’s uniquely interconnected structure benefits the Trustee and the estate.

Streamlined Commercial and Contract Surety Services

Intac Advisory’s bonding team tackles an array of commercial and contract surety. With our team working alongside carriers to secure the right surety, clients find comfort in an otherwise typically grueling process. From notary to bankruptcy to contract bid bonds, many are written on the same day, helping business continue without a hitch.

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Some of our most common bonds are (but not limited to):

  • Bankruptcy / Receivership Bonds
  • Court / Judicial Bonds
  • Contract / Bid Bonds
  • ERISA Bonds
  • Fidelity Bonds
  • License / Permit Bonds
  • Oil and Gas Bonds
  • Solar / Decommissioning Bonds
  • Utility Bonds
  • Vendor Bonds